Professional Development, Teamwork Training, and Change Management

Social Science-Driven, Evidence-Based Consulting

Drs. Kelley Slack, Kathryn Keeton, and Lacey Schmidt, executives of Minerva Work Solutions PLLC

About us

Minerva was founded by three Industrial-Organizational Psychology scientists (Drs. Lacey Schmidt, Kathryn Keeton, and Kelley Slack) and a computer scientist (Mr. Andrew Fritz). Our founders have decades of experience helping individuals and organizations succeed in high-risk and high-stress environments. They’ve helped organizations large and small, in both public and private sectors, become high-reliability, high-performing organizations while helping make their employees’ lives more meaningful.

Our founders’ scientific backgrounds help us bring cutting-edge techniques from the research world into mainstream application. Our methods and approaches are informed by the latest scientific research and revised to stay state-of-the-art as the science evolves. Additionally, our founders continue to contribute to the world’s scientific knowledge through peer-reviewed publications.


Professional Development

Executive coaching is an overlooked tool for employees in any key role in your organization and can yield particularly dramatic results when coupled with a comprehensive professional development plan. Our world-class executive coaches meet one-on-one with employees, assessing their current strengths and behavioral patterns; and use this information to cooperatively create a targeted set of sessions designed to efficiently supercharge individuals’ engagement and effectiveness in your organization.

Teamwork Training

Our teamwork training is based on the validated competency models that enable ultra-high-performing teams, like International Space Station flight controllers and astronauts, handle everything from mundane everyday operations to life threatening emergencies effectively.

We focus on behaviors and skills known to improve individual and team effectiveness and custom-tailor our training to your operational reality.

Organizational Change Management

Creating robust, long-lived organizations is the ultimate goal of every great leader. Our comprehensive approach to organizational change management starts by doing a multi-method organizational assessment.

Only after we know where you stand and what you want most do we work with you to facilitate a strategic plan to strengthen your organization’s resilience and accelerate your ability to realize enduring, positive change.

COVID-19: Our consultants are always willing and able to work with all individuals, teams, and organizations virtually as needed to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Working for the Social Good

Social Responsibility is one of our core values. It is also why we contribute 30% of our work to helping charities and non-profits achieve their goals. We provide heavily discounted and free services to organizations working for social good.

Examples of organizations we have helped include charity-based hospitals, literacy agencies, STEM advocacy groups, veterans associations, and more. If you think your organization qualifies as doing social good and would like to schedule discounted or free services, please contact us.




Minerva Work Solutions is a
US Small Business Administration Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
and a Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)